Zac's Speedo Boys

© Copyright Zac Sawyer 2014

© Copyright Zac Sawyer 2014
ZAC says .... When you get a 'Zac' style body then, if you're a guy, you will be able to wear Speedos !
Very fashionable swimwear, favoured mainly by the young and 'fit' - except in the United States. The speedo-style suit is form-fitting, which allows for better control in the water, faster drying, and more comfort. Since Europeans, Asians and Brazillians don't obsess over the size of their genitals, or automatically associate speedos with homosexuality, the way Americans do, they are popular in most areas of the world. Those who are too fat, too hairy, too 'small' or too shy to wear them sometimes disparagingly refer to them as a 'banana hammock',or 'budgie smugglers'. Pete always wears Speedos.
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Pete - Boy Diver
© Copyright Zac Sawyer 2015

'Pete at the Sebensee - Austria'
Summer 2015
© Copyright Zac Sawyer 2015

Zac at the Pool
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Boy at the Beach
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Teen Boy Diver in Pale Blue Speedos

Black Speedo Diver

Teen-Boy Diver

Monochrome Teen-Boy Diver

Tom Daley

Tom Daley

Tom Daley

Tom Daley

Tom Daley

Blond Twink - Black Speedo

Twink Diver - Shiny Black Speedos

Twink Diver - Shiny Black Speedos

Twink Diver - Black and Yellow Speedos

Cute Twink Diver

Diver - Yellow Speedos

Diver - Green Speedos

In the Shower

Blonde Twink Diver - Blue Speedos

Teen Boy-Diver - Red Speedos

Teen Boy-Diver I

Teen Boy-Diver II

Teen Boy-Diver II

Teen Boy-Diver IV


Teen Boy Swimmer at the Pool

Teen Boy Swimmer in Black Speedos

Teen Boy Swimmer in Pale Blue Speedos

Blond Twink Swimmer - Black Speedos

Zack Stewart - Red Speedos

Ultra Brief Black Micro Speedos

Blue Micro Speedos

Black Speedos

Blonde Twink Swimmer - White Speedos

Blond Twink - Black Speedos

Young Twink Swimmer - Black Speedos

Teen Swimmer

Backstroke Racing Start - Black Micro Speedos

Backstroke Racing Start - Blue Speedos

Racing Start - Blue and White Speedos

Racing Start - Blue Micro Speedos

Cute Twink - Blue Speedos

Diving In


Black Speedo - Water Polo

Black Prince Seedo 

Red Speedos - Water Polo

Black and Gold Speedos - Water Polo

Teen Boy Speedo Boner

Red Speedo - Water Polo


Surfer Boy - Blue Speedos

Blonde Surf Boy - Black Speedos

Blonde Surf Boy - Black Speedos


Pete on the Beach - Blue Speedos

© Copyright Zac Sawyer 2015

Teen Boy in Orange Speedos

Teen Boy in Thong

Teen Boy in Red Micro Thong 

Cute Beach-Boy - Pale Blue Speedos

Dark Blue Speedos

Blond Teen in Black Speedos

Teen Boy in Black Thong

White Aussiebum

Green Speedos

Muscle Twink in the Surf - Pale Blue Speedos

White Speedos on the Beach

Blond Twink - Black Speedos

Twink in striped Speedos

Black and White Speedos

Thong Speedos

Black Speedos and Yellow Snorkel

Blond Muscle Boy - Blue Speedos

Muscle Stud - Black Micro Speedos

Pink Speedos

Blonde Twink at the Beach - Black Speedos

Cute Twink - Grey Speedos

Purple Speedos


White Speedos

Grey Fancy Speedos

Pink Speedos

Green Micro Speedos

Black Speedos

Micro Red and Yellow Speedos

Black Shiny Speedos 

Blond Twink - Black Speedo

Red Speedo

Gym Bunny - Blue Speedos

Stars and Stripes Speedos

Blue Speedos

Black Speedos

Silver Speedos

White Speedos and Shades

Posing in Black Speedos

White Speedos

Slim Twink - Striped Speedos

Speedo Boy Twink in Thong

Slim Twink -Speedo Tanga

Young Speedo Boy in Red

Monochrome Speedos


Red Speedos - Gymnast

Teen Bodybuilder - Pale Blue Speedos

Teen Bodybuilder - Blue Speedos


Muscle Twink Wrestler - Blue Speedos

Teen Boys Wrestling in Speedos

Rose Lycra

Red Wrestling Lycra

Blond Teen Boy Wrestler

Wrestling Lycra

Green Wrestling Lycra

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No Speedos - No Lycra

© Copyright Zac Sawyer 2014
Zac in NO Speedos - NO Lycra


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'The Story of Gracchus tells the tale of a young Roman boy, brought up in Athens. When his father is recalled to Rome, at the end of the Reign of the Emperor Nero, Marcus, and his father and mother travel from Piraeus (the port of Athens) to Brundisium (in South East Italy) by boat. They newer reach their destination, however, as the boat they are traveling on is attacked by pirates.Marcus' mother and father are cruelly killed, and Marcus is taken, by the pirates, to Cydonia, in Crete, where he is sold as a slave to a slave-dealer called Arion.Arion sells on Marcus to a 'mystery buyer' at a fabulously high price, and after a high speed journey through the night, Marcus and Terentius, - the 'mystery buyer', arrive at a magnificent Villa in Baiae, near Ne├ípolis. It is there that Marcus' erotic adventures begin ..........
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